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Transportation and storage method of TFT LCD

Time : 2021-11-22 10:16:33 Popularity : 88

With the development of Internet of things technology, more and more terminal industries take TFT display as the display equipment of terminal products. After purchasing TFT LCD, do you know how to transport and store TFT LCD? And how long will it take to install it in place? As a professional manufacturer of TFT display screen, today Xiaobian comes to popularize the transportation and storage methods of TFT LCD screen for you.

1、 Avoid vibration during transportation.

Ordinary qualified TFT display manufacturers will conduct vibration test when leaving the factory, but they should also try to avoid large vibration during transportation or installation. As we all know, our TFT display is an LCD product, which is characterized by non solid state and liquid state. Generally, if the liquid crystal arrangement is damaged during vibration, it may be abnormal. Therefore, it can be handled with care as much as possible. If it needs to be transported, It shall be packed in the original factory packaging.

2、 Pay attention to moisture during storage.

Do not bring any moisture into the TFT display. When the humidity is too high, condensation may occur inside the TFT display, which is easy to cause leakage and short circuit of the TFT display, and even burn the TFT display in serious cases. At this time, the TFT display can be placed in a hot and dry place to avoid moisture on the TFT display, resulting in poor display of the TFT display.

3、 The best installation time of TFT display.

After receiving the TFT LCD, it is generally best to use it on the machine after passing the inspection, because all parts also have a validity period. If the storage time is too long, the TFT display will be abnormal, such as aging, yellow backlight, and even unable to display. Therefore, the installation shall be completed within 3 months as far as possible to avoid missing the best installation opportunity.


Title:Transportation and storage method of TFT LCD
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