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How can the price of 12864 LCD module on Taobao be so cheap

Time : 2021-10-14 14:08:56 Popularity : 102

In the current Internet age, online shopping has become the first mainstream of young people's shopping. Many engineers and purchasers who use 12864 LCD like to find suppliers on Baidu and Alibaba. After comparison, it is found that the price of 12864 LCD is different. At this time, engineers and purchasers are confused, Where is the product of 12864 LCD? How should I choose?

As the saying goes: cheap is not good! How should users choose 12864 LCD?

Xiaobian will tell you the biggest difference between cheap and expensive 12864 LCD screens today:

1. For more than 10 yuan, you can buy 12864 monochrome LCD screen with font library. Most of the goods they supply are old and disassembled on the old machine. Generally, you can't see whether it is new or old. It mainly needs you to use it for a period of time, its glass will show dark yellow, and the backlight will darken quickly. The 12864 LCD screen produced by regular or brand manufacturers will never be produced with disassembly materials.

2. Each time they produce a batch, there will be a certain difference in color. Because the selected materials are made of leftover materials from different batches and other lattice. It is not cut from a whole batch of large glass. The glass and polarizer of 12864 LCD produced by regular or brand manufacturers must have good consistency to ensure the consistency of color and quality of 12864 LCD in the same batch.

3. After sales maintenance is very difficult. Everyone on earth knows that when you buy 12864 LCD screens on Taobao, the seller is warm and considerate. Once we need maintenance or some after-sales service, the seller immediately becomes like an uncle, pushing and blocking, and even the Taobao store doesn't have it directly!

4. The technical support is not in place. The 12864 LCD screen bought on Taobao is more difficult than the Shudao road!

5. Using gold-plated PCB, the electroplated layer is very thin and easy to oxidize. The adhesion of bond setting line is not enough. Even if aluminum wire is used for bond setting, there will be flower screen phenomenon after using it for a short time. Regular manufacturers or brand manufacturers will choose gold plated PCB, and bond setting line must also be gold wire. In this way, the 12864 LCD can operate normally for 100000 hours.

6. Jerry built, only two backlights are used, and the brightness is increased by increasing its voltage, which is very easy to cause backlight failure. The normal 12864 LCD screen is composed of four backlights, and its service life will not be less than 50000 hours.

7. In order to upgrade Taobao store, short-term loss promotion.

For 12864 LCD screens made by some regular manufacturers, although they are a little expensive, their quality is guaranteed. Please contact online customer service.

Title:How can the price of 12864 LCD module on Taobao be so cheap
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